One of our average days. (want to buy resort land in Florida?) 
Same anglers fished in the AM
Came in had Lunch and Nap and went out in the PM
Great weather, Fishing was tops, Grand Slam (one each of all 5 species)
As they say It doesn't get any better than this. Mid August
Spend the coolest weekend with access to the open sea, you can with our staff, they will show isla mujeres fishing charter. Great vacation and favorite activity.

One of several Master Angler
Kings caught in 2000
27 lbs +
1999 saw more Master Angler Fish but the average size was up in '00

A couple of regular customers and good friends. Took these two monsters 5 minutes apart at 1:30 in the afternoon. Master Angler Brown and Steelhead.




Typical June catchs

Big Salmon in Early July
You bet!
Caught a 30 lb'er in 1999
same weekend
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Nice mixed catch, Salmon all sizes, Lake Trout and Steelhead